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Profitability of a fuel assembly stands for the optimized use of the energy resources. In the majority of cases only single rods suffer defects or the fuel assembly structure is marginally damaged. Of course, you wish to identify the root cause of the defect and to reconstitute the defective parts. Finally the fuel assembly should be ready for further use in the reactor or prepared for disposal.

We supply customized fuel assembly reconstitution facilities or light water reactors (LWRs) and offer also the corresponding services on site.
Through the use of our field-tested and state-of-the-art equipment all necessary steps on irradiated fuel assemblies can be performed within the fuel pool.

During extraction of the fuel rod Single Rod Sipping can be performed by using our MAST SIPPING equipment. In order to ascertain the type and mechanism of the failure visual inspection, cladding examination by eddy current or/and outer diameter measurement are possible using the Fuel Rod Exchange Device (FRED) in combination with the Multiple Inspection Head.

Your Benefits

  • Possible energy release of the fuel assembly within the designated life-cycle
  • The wide range of examination possibilities enables you to identify the root cause of the failure. Reconstitution of a fuel assembly ensures safe handling of fuel and prevents additional radioactive exposure
  • Defective parts of the structure can be replaced
  • Requirements for waste disposal can be fulfilled
  • Our qualified personnel is familiar with all aspects of the reconstitution work. We also offer special training sessions in order to qualify your team in operating FARE
  • You rely on our longtime experience in reconstitution and repairs of fuel assemblies of different fuel suppliers and fuel


Our experience comprises a total number of more than 1,400 fuel assemblies reconstituted for further reactor operation or waste disposal worldwide: in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France, Netherlands, Sweden, Finland and Brazil. Fuel assemblies reconstituted by us have been operated more than 2,500 additional cycles in boiling water reactors (BWRs) as well in pressurized water reactors (PWRs).

Interested in Fuel Assembly Reconstitution – FARE?

Framatome in Germany
Boutique Umgee Umgee Shorts Dressy Boutique Dressy Shorts 48xqpw Boutique Umgee Umgee Shorts Dressy Boutique Dressy Shorts 48xqpw
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